Big Bowls of Bunny Bits

A bunch of new bunny rabbits are awaiting their finishing touches on today's table.

In between painting rabbits, we've been in the midst of sorting through our lives' accumulation of possessions. As of this moment, I've gone through the entire studio, most of College Girl's room, and half of the hall closet. Dylan has been working on his domain, the most-dreaded frontier of all, the garage. He has definitely made a dent, but it's still a crazy mess. Three months left before the major downsize and much to do. Tick tock.


  1. Love the bunnies in a bowl!

  2. I love your rabbits, such fun pieces.
    I can't imagine having to downsize, lol, but I do need to do a serious clean out.


  3. It is an onerous job... We "gave up" all of our possessions for a year and travelled. It was very enlightening... I had a really hard time "owning" everything again when we got back-- it felt almost like the possessions owned me instead. The one thing I do know about all of this is that home is wherever my dear man and I are together-- while I would certainly miss some favorite pieces (and would not part with family pictures), I know that as long as we are together, everything is going to be just fine :)

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  5. I love me some bunnies! The one in the aviator hat (or so I'm calling it because I'm not sure EXACTLY - dumb me) is especially dapper! Jo, I take MY aviator hat OFF to you & Dylan for jumping right into that downsizing process. What a JOB it is! I had to do it this time 6 years ago and it was daunting! Wish I were there to help in some way. LOVE YOU!


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