I'm crossing my fingers and toes that the weather is decent this evening for all the costumed littles running around the neighborhood. Got my giant bowl of candy at the ready. This is the first place we've ever lived that we get trick-or-treaters, and I love it! We probably got a hundred last year. Unfortunately, the day is looking mighty soggy so far and the forecast is none too promising. But you never know what the weather will do around here. If I'm stuck with all this candy I might just have to be my own parade and start throwing it at passersby.


  1. Anonymous10/31/2012

    Happy Halloween !
    Cute elephant.
    Best wishes,

  2. There you are, lil' Jo! I was about to call out the hounds to hunt you down! And I say, if the trick or treaters don't come, EAT that candy, girly! XXXOOO!


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