Something-New Sunday

Hark! Are those sleigh bells I hear jingling in the distant distance? Do I smell the slightest hint of peppermint on the breeze? OK, so it's not even Halloween yet, but I just couldn't wait any longer to bust out our new Christmas designs. I even got out the glitter (much to Dylan's chagrin), poster board, and crayons to make a tree to hang them on. 

are joining their friends in our shop.


  1. Wow! I actually just included your Alice in Wonderland collection in a blogpost this weekend:
    As I mentioned there, the Cheshire Cat is my favorite, so I'm really stoked to see a peppermint ornament of it!

    But I have to say, the rest excites me equally as much. What a great Christmas collection!

  2. I know what you're feelin' Jo! Those whiffs of peppermint are gettin' stronger by the day ;) Love the new ornies on your sweet paper tree.

  3. Love the new pieces and the smaller ones, wonderful to decorate with.


  4. Sooooooooo happy to see Christmas pretties! THAT'S what this old girl LIVES for! And Jo, I was (as you know) out of town for almost 2 weeks, but I kept you & yours in my thoughts so much the whole time. I forget sometimes to tell you how sweet & special I think you are - not just as an artist, but as a human being & friend! Yes, you ARE my friend, albeit SO FAR only my CYBER friend! Maybe one day one of us will be rich enough to travel & meet! LOL! I wanted to send a card to tell you how sad I was about your family's loss, but I didn't have my address book with me. Anyway, it's awesome seeing your pretties this morning. Tells me the healing process is, at least, starting. Big hugs to you (YOU TOO, DYLAN!) from crazy old Kai!

  5. Anonymous10/15/2012

    Wooo-hooooo! LOVE all of these ornaments!! The fox is outta this world fab!!

  6. Oh, I love the paper Christmas tree and all the ornaments you've made for it. How fun! I'm seeing hints of Christmas in corners of the internet, so you are not alone. I'm still excited for Halloween though.


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