Today's Table

A gorgeous Monday worktable greeted me this morning. I'm a big fan of Mondays. No, really! I don't have a real job, so there's no "back to the grind" going on. Just a clean house (that's usually a weekend chore), a kid who's off at school, and a day chock full of possibilities. Too frickin' cheerful? Sorry 'bout that.

Anyway, here's a peek at today's shenanigans.

Skelly friends waiting for limbs. . .

A pair of elephants in the works. . .

Designs for a not-too-distant project. . .

Avery Owl feeling a bit left out of a very odd conversation. . .

Happy Monday!
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  1. They are too gorgeous. Very incentive (hopefully I used the proper word). I always start working on my small projects more actively when I see yours.

  2. Fantastic! I feel the same way about Mondays over here in my studio.

  3. Monday's are like that for me too. Weekends are for cleaning the toilets. hee,hee,hee. Still cracking up about Avery Owl being left out of the conversation. I love your humor. Oh wait....that means you're just as weird as I am! ;)

  4. Yippee! Wonderful! I commented on facebook too, but I'll say it again. I love the elephants that look very festive and circus-like! Such a fun hodge-podge of holidays! Happy Monday!

  5. Sounds like a productive Monday!Love what's been going on with the skeletons.

  6. Anonymous9/11/2012

    Fancy shenanigans going on indeed! Crack me up with your "don't have a real job" HA! We just have "real fun" jobs we work realllllly hard at :)


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