Today's Table. (Again.)

Getting ready for the next step in this latest batch of goodies. Still gotta get a couple of orders done tonight, but then I can turn my full attention to The Girls (that's what I've been calling them).
I know who they want to be now. Probably. Maybe. We'll see.

Also, I'm a silly silly woman who is way too easily amused.


  1. Love your bunny thumb - made me laugh out loud which is a good way to start the day, so thanks!

    (Also love the cunning little feet on the girls - they too made me smile.)

  2. Your art inspires me, I wish mine was half as beautiful! The bunny reminds me of a time when i was bored...I made a finger puppet bunny and spent the day telling people "some bunny loves you" :)

  3. So fun to see the "girls" and all the work in progress. I love that you're a silly woman who's easily amused 'cause I love the thumb bunny! Tooooo cute! Heeheheeheee!


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