Today's Table

Truth be told, this is actually yesterday's table. But that pair of dapper goats looked so cute sitting there chatting away about things they imagined to be of importance, I just had to share.

Today's list looks something like this: sculpt monster feet and zebra mane, base paint leaf babies, finish bits for secret project, scan said bits and try to play nice with Photoshop (sometimes Photoshop and I don't play well together), try not to obsess over all the other stuff that I want to do but just can't get to today. 

What's on your list today?


  1. Love them all and the Cat is my fav!

  2. As usual I am so impressed with your creativity. Talking about computers. I have just spent the last hr trying to get Cars 2 to print for my grandson. I could have drawn it in the time it took me to get the computer to print. Which by the way, it never did!! Now I'm forced to take deep breathes to calm down. Hope you have better luck!

  3. Love the goats! My list is full of things I will not get to today. But I love the adventures it sparks when I begin working. I love your blog by the way.

  4. The dapper goats are awesome! Your to-do list sounds good. Sometimes, my list scares me, so I just take it a little at a time. No pressure---as you wrote at the end of your list. Just breath--- you know.

  5. The dapper goats are so stunning! I love them.


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