Today's Table (Work in Progress)

Oh my, this week seems to have slipped away while I sat at my worktable!
You can't tell by looking at them, but the residents of today's table are quite the world travelers. Well, they're about to be anyway. They're all destined for exotic destinations-- New York City, Italy, Australia, Hawaii, and Austin, Texas. I'm hoping to someday see all those places and more, but until then I'm quite content to let the beasties have the adventures. I have an adventurous mind, but a homebody's heart. 

How about you? 
Are you ready to fly off on new adventures, 
or would you rather keep to your nest?


  1. Same here, I have always wanted to visit exotic places, but I like my home, my nest. My grandparents and mother were world travelers, so I have visited those places through their stories and pictures.

  2. Anonymous7/27/2012

    I never thought I've fly off on adventures. Though I loved the idea, while I worked from my little Sydney studio.

    Then, back in April this year, I moved to the other side of the world.

    I now reside in Amsterdam, and just the other week jumped on a train to Paris! I'm loving life!

    Planning adventures is fun, going on them is more so :)


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