Today's Table

 Lots of black and white stripes hollering at me from this morning's worktable. And that big none-too-patient-and-getting-less-patient-with-each-passing-day fairy queen is still waiting for a certain man-of-the-cart to sew her some wings so that I can finish her.

I was also greeted by something I'm finding way too exciting on another of my tables this morning-- The very first flower has revealed itself! 

I dream of someday being able to stroll through an abundant garden, but every trip of a thousand miles begins with a first step. So for now I'm quite enjoying this first step.


  1. I love seeing what's on your desk, even if the fairy queen is impatiently waiting for her wings. The zebra trophy head is awesome! And congrats on your first flower! Yippee! I also like your dogs in the background of that photo.

  2. Anonymous6/27/2012

    I start every day with a stroll through my struggling garden and celebrate all buds that survive my murky green thumb! The table looks quite inspiring today!!

  3. I so admire your work. Congrats! on your garden!!

  4. Great to see "in progress" photos - both the fantastic work on your table and the garden! Thanks for sharing them

  5. You're in trouble with that Fairy Queen. No..wait..a certain Man of the Cart is in trouble with that Fairy Queen.

    And that flower is amazing. All the more amazing for being the only one.


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