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A couple of little swimmers are waiting for their limbs to be attached, and I got on a pin-making kick last night. We like to tuck the pins in with our packages as a little thank you gift. Once I started making them I just couldn't seem to stop! I was in the zone. A cuteness-induced state of zen.


  1. ...Do you make that swimming attire in a Misses Size 8? Cap too please. ;o)

    ...They're adorable and so are the buttons!

    ...Being in "the zone", it's a good thing. :o)


  2. Ah, how fun. I love to add little extras in packages to my customers too. How fun to make little pins. The swimmers are coming along nice too. I'm with TJ, it'd be nice to have the swimwear in my size too---teeeheeeheee!

  3. Anonymous6/05/2012

    Yes! Let's bring back the full bathing suit! Adorable swimmers!


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