Today's Table

This morning's table.
I'm just about ready to base paint the helmets I'm making for Dylan's puppets. Still need to sand them up a bit, round up some flat black spray paint, and wait for a break in the rain. Buying spray paint kinda breaks the no-buying-stuff rule, but it must be done. Anyway, then we'll have it on hand for the next project. So far on these guys I've managed to use just what we have on hand: a couple of mason jars, some hardware bits and bobs, a little plastic thingy that I have no idea what its intended use is, lids, buttons, 2 bendy straws, a cardboard box, paper towels, white glue, and paperclay. Dylan keeps trying to play with them before they're done. sigh.


  1. Your creations are fabulous. Love, love, love them x

  2. UMMMMmmmmmm...is that a DONKEY HEAD I see in the background? can you kindly PLEASE tell me where I can beg/barter/steal/purchase one??????????????

    ya know I have a thing for them Donkeys....

    can't wait to see Dylan's puppets...Hmmm...wonder what he's up to?

    Brightest Blessings,

  3. I will look forward to seeing those space helmets in action! Have a great weekend :)

  4. ...Oh Miss Jo, what an awesome table! I'm with the other reader up there regarding the donkey - love it! :o)

    ...Can't wait to see the helmets on their lucky recipients. I will never look at a jar the same way again. ;o)

    ...Enjoy your Saturday!



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