Something-New Sunday

Lots of new stuff this week!

Diablo is my favorite this week. I love him. And his teeny tiny skelly dolly just slays me! It's under 3 inches, and definitely the smallest skelly we've ever made. I wanna make a whole bunch more and turn them into necklaces!


  1. These are marvelous! Diablo Bones came out GREAT! I love his Skelly Dolly too. As a fan of miniatures, I hope you make more of Skelly!

  2. Love the Skelly Dolly. He would make a great necklace!

  3. Wow, what a preview! Diablo is fabulous with his little skelly doll! Keep them coming!!

  4. Anonymous5/28/2012

    Oh I loooooove Rose! Better watch her though- I think she has her eye set on Diablo (and who wouldn't?? He's stunning!)

  5. Yes, I agree the Diablo is just amazing. And his itsy bitsy Skelly Doll is just toooooo cute. Great job on all of them. Olivia is wonderful in her owl costume.

  6. These are fabulous! The sunken eyes are GREAT!
    Diablo is amazing!
    Fantastic work as always!

  7. I have to say I'm not into skeletons, but, having said that, I truly suspect others who are, are in heaven - they are amazing! Diablo is something else altogether - the smirk and the wink make him enchanting. My favorite, though, is Olivia. Your work is so amazing!


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