Crafty Mother's Wonderland Day

I'll be off visiting my mom* on the coast this weekend, 
but if I was staying in town I'd totally be going to Crafty Wonderland tomorrow. 
We went last year and it was great!

*My mom likes daisies and spider plants, birds and elk, sunshine, a cool breeze, the Pacific Ocean, Thanksgiving, fireworks, hugs, hippie shoes, Humphrey Bogart, guardian angels, The Little Prince, rainbows, shirt sleeves that cover her elbows, a cat sleeping on her lap, music, dark chocolate, and open windows. She's small, smart, hard-headed, white-haired, and has pretty blue eyes. She loves art but she can't draw. Not even a little bit. It's pretty funny really. Once she drew attempted to draw a car in Pictionary and we all thought it was some sort of insect. Don't worry, she'll probably giggle when she reads that.

What is your mom like?


  1. Anonymous5/13/2012

    Wow!! A colossal sale with no admission fee!? Now that is a Mother's Day treat!! Have a Happy Mother's Day on the coast!

  2. Happy Mothers Day, lil' Jo! I'm SO glad you are having a wonderful weekend! Missed you while I was gone but I'm back to bug you again! LOVE YOU!!!!


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