Today's Table (and Silly Dylan)

Dylan's third music video is just about ready to shoot, but for some reason the puppets insisted upon space helmets this go around. So this morning's table sees Hamlet and O'Henry supervising and occasionally offer "helpful" advice as I try to construct some sort of space helmets for Dylan's latest silliness. Of course, we must make everything for the video out of stuff we have around. (There are rules to the silliness, and buying stuff is cheating.) Thus my attempt to make them out of mason jars, recycled cardboard, and miscellaneous bits and bobs that will be gathered as the helmets progress.

Dylan did make one exception to the "no buying" rule and got himself and iPod. But the contraption he then rigged up to video himself is completely rule-adherent.This get-up makes use of his bicycle helmet, an old lamp, an Altoid tin, a couple of hardware clamps, and a block of wood. Oh, and an abundance of facial hair. I love my silly man.

Our whole garage is dedicated to this last in a trio of music videos. Dylan hesitates to open our garage door for too long on account of what the neighbor's might think. Here's an old picture of the set. It has gotten much more elaborate since then. If you're interested, I'll get Dylan to snap some more current pics.

Have you seen Dylan's other videos? 
Here are the first two in this series: Old Ghost and Too Lazy to Bleed
And here are some more.

I hope you all get to do at least one silly thing today.


  1. Of course, we would love to see more of Dylan's silliness--it's part of what makes men so endearing :)

  2. Oh yes, but not just men, sometimes silliness makes the whole life endearing... and so I'll wait impatiently for the delightful Dylan's silliness :)

  3. I'll be out of town for 2 weeks, but when I return, I will DEFINITELY come see Dylan's latest brilliance! He SO cracks me up! LOVE YOU, Lil' Jo! And I hope ALL is going well with you! (You too, Dylan, you wonderful nut! LOL!)

  4. How wonderful the videos are!!


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