Gardens and Kaitlbugs

Guess what I did this week? I planted a garden! It's entirely possible that I'm using the term "garden" pretty darn loosely, but a girl's gotta start somewhere, right? So far my garden consists of two plastic planters, two strawberry starts, some seeds, and lots of wishful thinking.

But look, that strawberry flower wasn't there a week ago! That's something.

I also managed to finish up that big ole batch of Kaitlbugs.
All their pretty colors are making me happy.

 They're all one-of-a-kinds and I'm looking forward to naming them. 
Right this moment I'm liking the purple one best, but I keep changing my mind.
Do you have a favorite?


  1. Ah the beginning of your garden looks fabulous so far!

    And I am in love with the dolls that are the warmer colors. I can't decide which is my favorite between yellow, orange, and red! You are such a talented artist!



  2. Olá! Gosto de todos! :) são lindos!!!

  3. Tangerini looking pretty good too! horns are nice but antenna look better on bugs....
    Names: Broccolini--green

  4. Green,green.
    Just love green

  5. These are SO cute. I love them all! :)

    Your garden is perfect. Exactly what I would do.

    -Annie Rose

  6. They are all great but I like the red one best. I love how their colors match how you sort your buttons. Glad to know I am not the only one who sorts their buttons in jars by colors.

  7. Anonymous4/12/2012

    Love that garden!!
    No fav's I love them all equally!

  8. I love the orange one...no the red one...no the YELLOW one!....no the blue one! I can't decide, I love them all!

  9. Best of luck with your garden!

    I'm loving all of these creatures, but somehow, I'm drawn to the aqua one.

  10. You are going to have STRAWBERRIES! Yay!!!! Besides cactus, I can grow only one thing: Ginger! LOL! Good thing I love it! Can't wait to see the progress of your garden! And I am SO HAPPY you chose that spelling for your buggies! Wonder why? Heehee! Of COURSE the red one is my fave, but don't tell the others, please. I actually love them ALL! It's just that I must be 'faithful' to my longtime love, Red!

  11. I would love to have all your little bugs, they are darling. You go for the garden!! Gardens can be small! the first year we planted our strawberries we only had a few, but they come back the second year with tons! Don't give up.

  12. They are all so cute. My favorite is the red. My strawberries doubled from my two starters. Darn if that grass didn't creep into too.


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