For All the Moms

My mom likes daisies and spider plants, birds and elk, sunshine, a cool breeze, the Pacific Ocean, Thanksgiving, fireworks, hugs, hippie shoes, Humphrey Bogart, guardian angels, The Little Prince, rainbows, shirt sleeves that cover her elbows, a cat sleeping on her lap, music, dark chocolate, and open windows. She's small, smart, hard-headed, white-haired, and has pretty blue eyes. She loves art but she can't draw. Not even a little bit. It's pretty funny really. Once she drew attempted to draw a car in Pictionary and we all thought it was some sort of insect. Don't worry, she laughs easily and will probably giggle when she reads that.

There are all sorts of mother's out there. Moms and Mommies, Mums and Ma's. And sometimes even Pa's. Mothers-in-law and mother outlaws. Big sisters, grandmas, aunties, friends, step-moms, birth-moms, adopted moms, and foster moms. Teachers and mentors, neighbors and babysitters. Some you're born with, some find you, and some you find. Mothering is a way of loving, and any who get it and any who give it are blessed. Today we're grateful for all the mothers out there, whatever name they may wear.

So here's a little incentive to buy yours some art. . .

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