This week is off to a great start.
Yep, Jenn over at Noodle and Lou Studio pulled my name out of her hat and now this sweet gent is coming to live on The Cart. He'll have plenty of company. The menagerie is already preparing his welcoming party.

Are you familiar with Noodle and Lou Studio
Jenn has two Etsy shops. One for her great vintage finds. . .

 . . . and another for her own playful art.


Love her style!
Thanks Jenn ♥


  1. YAY!!!! Now THAT'S what I like to hear for my Jo! What a cutie-patooty he is! Lil' Red & the others are going to have SUCH a good time with their new friend! I need to go check out the link you gave us, too! Hope your week brings nothing LESS than wonderful news & happy surprises!

  2. awww jo:). you are a sweet pea! thank you! and I'm so tickled he's headed your way...he's a lucky fellow! I have him all wrapped up for you... did you send me your address? give me a shout over at etsy:). xoxo jenn


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