Something-New Sunday

We've got bunches of one-of-a-kinds done this week! 

Dylan had all these tiny guitars that he made for something or other that were sitting unfinished in the garage. I helped myself. Tiny guitars as canvas? Yes, please!

And I managed to finish my egg guys, Benedict and Sheldon. Aren't they cute in their little Easter suits? Don't worry, I've warned them about the perils of sitting on walls.

See them all (and a heckuva lot of other stuff too) here.


  1. Those guitars are just awesome!! Love it... they'd make great presents for my band!! :)

  2. Love the egg men too :)

  3. I bought one of Dylan's amazing guitars a couple of years back! LOVE what YOU added to these! Big HUGS, Jo!

  4. Any chance you have them up for sale?? They would make awesome wedding favours at my wedding!! (please)

  5. Lani-
    These pieces are all long gone, sorry.


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