Making a Queen

Just finished the Queen of Hearts. I always like to see other artists in-progress pics, so I  thought I'd share mine. So here she is in Stage 1, looking more like a bowling pin than a Queen. (There are actually several steps involved before stuff comes to my table, but I didn't get pictures of those stages. You'll just have to imagine the designing, sewing, wooden base-making, and stuffing parts.)

Stage 2 is drawing.
(I started painting a little before I remembered to snap a picture.)

Step 3 is base painting, avoiding the pencil lines between colors.

Step 4 is sanding then staining.
See how the lines between colors are brown now instead of white?

Ok, so I got a little carried away at this point and skipped right to the end. (Now that I think of it, this is kind of a lame post. I'll try harder to snap pictures in between steps next time.) Anyway, here she is all done up and royal-like.

The rest of Wonderland is slowly but surely coming to life in between other projects.
Now I'm off to make 8 big dragon flag thingies for Boy Kid's drumline.


  1. I just saw this on your Facebook, and I'm still in awe! She came out so good :D It's even more incredible to see her go from "bowling pin" to "commanding Queen!"

  2. SHE IS AWESOME! I live your color choices, you are so good at that! I try to get a group of colors together and make a mess of it...you have a real talent for colors. And yes please! Take more pics and post...

  3. All your work is so flippin' awesome I can't stand it.

  4. Love! Love! Love! She is the Queen of Love!

  5. Какая красота!!!

  6. I enjoyed seeing your Queen-in-progress! It amazes me how you even THINK of these wonderful characters! But to see your execution of a piece is FUN! I have to say, I never thought of sanding a doll, tho' I've heard dollmakers talking about it. Sigh. That's why I'M not a dollmaker. I'm looking forward to seeing your other finished Wonderland folks! Hugs!!!

  7. I am madly in love with her! I have been waiting to see the whole production! You did a good job presenting her!! So much talent!

  8. i enjoyed that post so much. its amazing how something starts and how it ends. really love your work!


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