Getting Ready

I used the tutorial for this wreath here. . .

. . .to make some holiday cheer for my previously naked front door. I used fatter strips and went with a more traditional color palette, and while my version isn't as cool as the original, I still like it. And it's just made with a paper bag, so yay for free! (I actually used 2 bags, and had so many strips left over that I made a paper chain too.)

I used the bag handles to fashion a bow. 

Almost ready for the jolly guy's visit.


  1. ...Am I bad if I like yours better? I love it with the wider strips and the Christmasy colors too. Great job girl - I love it! :o)

    ..."Merry Christmas!" *<:o{


  2. Um, I like yours MUCH more than the other one! It's fabulous!

  3. Merriest Christmas to you, Dylan, and the kids (and doggy!) You KNOW I wish you every WONDERFUL, MAGICAL thing! You give that MAGIC to ME - to all of us in Blogland - each day through the year! Holiday hugs!


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