Tick Tock. . .

Halloween's just around the corner!
Wait? What?? Halloween's just around the corner? It's October already???

We were super busy this week, making stuff to go here and there. Most of the above goodies are packed up now, but I had to snap a picture of them enjoying each other's company before tucking them into their boxes. They just looked to festive! The big girls were loathe to let go of their tiny wards. There were tears, lots of goodbye hugs, and bribes of cupcakes.
 Lots of them (and many more) are headed to New York to accompany Jen O'Connor on her Earth Angels' adventures. If your looking to buy a piece from us that is sold out, Jen's a good one to check with; she just might have it.


  1. What a great photo of this very special bunch !

  2. They are fantastic. Halloween is just not that celebrated in the UK, so there is not as much imagination put into the decorations.

    Love the owl.

  3. Oh, they look lovely! It must be hard to let them go.

  4. WOW!!!! What an engaging 'family' portrait! I'm so glad you captured everyone before they flew the coop!
    I love them all, but my faves are the devil dolly (center) and the large dollies, particularly the masked one! You and Dylan never fail to amaze & delight! Hugs!!!


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