Owl Make My Own Calendar

Shivani over at My Owl Barn has put together a cool project for you to play with. It's a collaborative effort between My Owl Barn and 45 different artists. You get to pick your favorites and print out a little calendar. Or make lots of little calendars. You could also make them into owlicious cards or gift tags, circling the date of the gifting occasion. Lots of possibilities! I printed my selections on regular computer paper and then cut them out and glued them to pretty cardstock, rounding the corners. These are the ones I picked: (Yes, I included my own owls. Is that lame?)

January,                                 February,                             March. . .
April,                                      May,                                    June. . .
     July,                                 August,                             September. . .
        October,                              November,                        December. . .

The October one would make great invitations 
to a Halloween party, don't you think?

 Plus, My Owl Barn is having a give-away! Go here to enter.


  1. OMG! I feel super lucky to discover your shop and also this breathtaking blog! Nice to meet and fllow you!


  2. Hoot! Hoot! What a generous offering. I cannot wait to see all the choices, but I will certainly pick yours too!

  3. Ah, this looks like fun!! X

  4. Thank you for featuring our Owl Lover Calendar on your lovely blog. I couldn't do it without your support :)



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