Today's Table (In the Works)

I like this last picture. Looks like Cielo Bird is thinking colorful thoughts.
I think colorful thoughts. A lot. Sometimes words completely fail to capture them.
That's why I do the art thing.


  1. She IS thinking colorful thoughts, Jo! I believe she's admiring her lovely wing &, at the same time, wondering how a Hummingbird's wing would look on HER! LOL! I always LOVE the view of your work space! It makes me smile & it inspires me!

  2. Gorgeous, the wondering expression is fabulous. Is she thinking of the glory of the bottled buttons? What is it about buttons, I loved my mum's button box as a child and now keep little jars of my own.

  3. ...Well Jo, judging from your artwork - you think LOTS of colorful thoughts! I mean, LOTS! ;o)

    ...'Cielo Bird' is gorgeous! She's so colorful with yet a serene expression - love her!

    ...Enjoy your weekend!

    ...Blessings :o)

  4. So exciting!! It must be fun watching them all inch closer to completion and then have a whole new gang of friends :-}


  5. now wait a min, are you doing a Jack in the Box with that pointy little nose???

  6. I love seeing your beautiful work in progress, Jo. I love too that Dylan does all the boring stuff like cutting and stuffing: what perfect teamwork! ;)


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