Something-New Sunday

Trickety is the latest something-new.

And speaking of something new, The Cart got a new member today!

Hello, Lulu!
The senior management (aka Tuzy the Wonderfluff) isn't quite sure what to make of this new addition yet, but I'm sure they'll be the best of friends in no time.


  1. ...Ooo, Trickety is stunning, so much detail! Love. :o)

    ...And who couldn't be a friend to Lulu with a face like that - adorable! So lighten up Miss Tuzy Wonderfluff - this is a good thing! ;o)

    ...Congrat's on the new addition CBTH Family!

    ...Blessings :o)

    *btw, my w/v is "conespin". Cool word, no? *giggle*shrug* :o)

  2. Could Lulu be a Jack Russell--rough coat? I have a Jack, Tess and she is funny and sweet and aggrivating. We love her to pieces.
    Oh, and Trickety is cute too...

  3. What an amazing, amazing, amazing life--so much fun art and a dog that is the cutest fluff ball in the universe!

  4. Love Trickety AND Lulu! :)

  5. I don't whcih is cuter Trickety or Lulu! Great pic of Lulu smiling!

  6. LuLu is a playful looking dog! Enjoy. Love Trickety ; )

  7. Lulu is such a pretty charmer! And Trickety is wonderful, I adore the scarf!

  8. I could tickle Lulu's tummy..I'm not sure trickety is the tummy tickling type though...

  9. Lulu has a happy lil' face! I like doggies who don't have that frou-frou, 'don't mess up my fur' look! And Lulu looks like a doggy who just wants to be loved; no WORRIES about her cute fur getting messy! As for Trickety, SOOOO freakin' cute! Love the eyes especially!

  10. Oh Lulu is so adorable! And happy! And pettable! And I want to give her a BIG GIGANTIC hug! :)


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