Scenes From the Studio-- Show and Tell

Lots of stuff waiting to be finished. This whole batch is headed to NY. And my headphones. If you look very closely you can see where Dylan has screwed them back together, twice, after they've been sat on. Still, I love them. They keep my ears entertained while my hands are otherwise occupied.

Little Red is dubious about the latest batch's intentions.

Cirque Kitty, Paperhand Lincoln, and Tomato Queen keeping watch over the proceedings.

Mooses (moose? meese? moosen?) waiting for paint, and a pretty owl about to be sent to Massachusetts.

Piles of moose antlers, a genetically engineered curiosity, and reference for our next project. (Serious brownie points if you can guess who's next.)

Work, work, work. Play, play, play!


  1. You truly are amazing...I just adore everything you create!

  2. soooo much great stuff coming to life in there! Love everything! I spied with my little eye a very awesome pumpkin girl up on a shelf.. I wish she had been looking at me so I could see her better!
    have a great night

  3. Are you planning a Rupert??? My girls adore Rupert. I love that y'all are a matched pair, and that you're in Portland. Gorgeous work, inspiring all around...

  4. I can't EVEN guess, but I DO know I am intrigued! I always marvel at your works in progress because it makes ME think about YOUR thinking process and wonder how you come up with your ideas or how you even BEGIN to execute them! You are inspiration to the MAX!

  5. Most definitely looking forward to seeing the moose (I REALLY want to say mooses).


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