Zoee Bug, Magnetic Bums, and a TV-Headed Puppet

Making a BIG (and a regular-sized) Zoee Bug this week. I'm kinda liking the weird scale. Might have to make some more jumbo versions. Generally speaking, I like little art. There's something sort of intimate about it. It invites you to come closer and have a good look. It whispers rather than yells.

Also finished this commissioned piece earlier this week. I really like how it turned out! There are super strong magnets sewn into the little people's bottoms, and Dylan incorporated a metal plate into the bench seat, so they sit really nicely. He's so clever!

Speaking of how clever Dylan is, he just made another silly video. This one is just a screen test so he could experiment with filming that TV-headed puppet. But of course he had to add a healthy dose of silliness. That song of his has been stuck in my head for days, so I apologize ahead of time if it gets stuck in yours.


  1. ...Oh my stars is that man ever talented! :o)

    ...[now singing repeatedly] "When I wake up in my room", "When I wake up in my room", "When I wake up in my room", "When I wake up in my room", "When I wake up..." ;o)

    ...Speaking of magnetic bums, I believe that is what I am suffering from today. *sigh*giggle* ;o) Love 'em and their magnetic bums too btw...

    ...I too love little art. It requires you to stop, look closely and study awhile. That's a good thing. :o)

    ...Enjoy your weekend!

    ...Blessings :o)

  2. Oh my gosh I LOVE you're little people! They are just so darn fascinating to look at!

  3. I LOVE you two! crazy dear hearts...will you adopt me?

  4. Very nice test run...and yes, catchy tune to boot! That was fun, do it again! Loved dolls and song, Angela


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