Something-New Sunday

Here's the latest, fresh of The Cart. . .
This odd little beastie is a Masked Pip.

Her name is Eve, and her winged ride is Hallows.

All the political goings-on are being extra ugly and divisive as of late, so we've had friendly elephants and donkeys on the brain. Apparently, even stuffed heads are more capable of respectful discourse than most.
Here, here, here, and here.
Whether you're red or blue or some sort of polka-dotted anomaly,
we'll still probably like you.


  1. All great as usual, love the mounted heads!

  2. Ha ha ha at the stuffed elephant and donkey heads! Too cool for words.

  3. ...You know, this rarely ever happens but I am at a total loss for words! I feel like a broken record with "awesome", "phenomenal", "fantastic", "spectacular", "wonderful", "beautiful", "incredible", yadda, yadda, yadda... :o)

    ...I think Dixie above pretty much summed up each and every one of 'em, "just too cool for words". :o)

    ...I love 'em.


  4. Jo, can you please make something that's NOT cute?!! Oh, wait...that's just not possible! All kidding aside, they are all just too cute! I'm so adoring little Pip. And I love your new presentation of the mounted animal heads. I keep expecting one of them to talk! That donkey is looking right at me! :o)

  5. Are you sick of my saying that I want to live in YOUR head or BE you when I grow up? 'Cause I dooooooo! Wonderful new goodies!

  6. oh my gosh, I LOVE all of them!

  7. Really magical ! Keep going.

  8. I love them all but the donkey is irresistible to me !

  9. The donkey is so sweet- I love his expression.

  10. very interesting dolls)

  11. Fantastic! I love the mounted heads!! Cute and without guilt!


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