Big and Small and Back-To-School

Been playing with proportions. . .

 Taking a handful of Zoee Bug. . .

. . .and turning her into an armful.
○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○

Summer break is coming to a close, and Autumn is starting to show itself in the form of cool breezes and morning fog. Boy Kid will be heading back to school next week. But then he's pretty much been at school for the past 3 weeks in the form of Band Camp. 9+ hours a day of drumming. Then he comes home and drums some more. Tap-tap-tappity!! I've been there too for the past few days, helping to fit all the band kids for their uniforms. Several of the boys look like they stepped right out of a Norman Rockwell painting, all knees and elbows.

I always loved back-to-school time when I was a kid! I still get all happy around fresh new school supplies, picking out the perfect pencils and folders and such. College Girl was the same way. Boy Kid, not so much. He sort of just fills the requirements in the shortest possible amount of time. This is what shopping with him goes like. . . 
Me: "Really? Pink sparkly pencils?" 
Him: *shrug* "They're pencils. I don't care."


  1. So, you are saying that boy kid is easy to buy for? That's good isn't it?

    Just bought my daughter a Target load of school supplies. Cute and sparkly things. Yum! Now its my turn to buy some supplies. I'm heading out to the office supply store to find me something. Anything.

    Love that armful -- absolutely beautiful.

  2. They're both precious! I loved this time of year too when I was a kid. I look forward to when I have children of my own so I can relive it with them!

  3. I love her...love all your dolls!


  4. Your work is as ever beautiful, and even though I have no children, I always love to buy school supplies at the be beginning of Autumn, being part of the busy scene at the stationary store where children and parents picking up pencils, notes and what else.. it's such a thrilling joy to me :-)

  5. You make me see bugs in a completely new way :-)I even studied a wasp just now.. . . mmmm I thought I saw a smile on his face

  6. I adore this large one!! the colors are soothing and the soft blue eyes that you do so well. I am happy to say I am now a follower of your blog, though already a long time watcher.


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