Today's Table (In the Works)

I like to work in threes. Today I'm working on 3 long tall girls, 
each with a little companion that I'll have to make some sort of carrying device for.
Right now I'm getting ready to iron all those strips of fabric that'll be sewn into skirts for them. I always like digging through my fabric stash looking for coordinating colors. I'm happy to say that my stash has gotten significantly smaller than it once was-- I'm down to one and a half bins! No, not giant bins, but regular ole respectable-sized ones. I'm happy too that yesterday I managed to get all that wayward fabric folded and the wee little scrappy bits contained in their own bag. Happy because now my fabric stash looks like it really should be added to, necessitating a trip to any number of online fabric shops.


  1. Poor ladies all exposed like that!! I think they are a bit embarassed...

  2. Those teeny doll pieces are what kill ME! How Dylan EVER sews those is beyond me! I'm afraid I'd use up everyone of my bad words in English, Spanish, Japanese, Swahili, and my own Comanche language! LOL! It's such fun, Jo, watching your creating process through the beginning and till you have completed all your lil' people! I wish you'd show your entire creating area one day. I'd LIKE to see your stash of fabric and ALL your goodies! HUGS!

  3. That's the best part about organizing - you can see where the holes are and go shopping! :)

  4. I find that I work in multiples quite often, too!

    Congratulations on getting your stash down... wanna come help me sort through mine now? ;)

    As always, your work is so inspiring!

  5. I always love seeing works in progress. Can't wait to see these finished!

    Happy 4th My Dear!


  6. Fabric store trip, that sounds wonderful to me, how about Fabric Depot in Portland, that should be a trip for many hours. Enjoy!

  7. love all of that long-leggediness. Looking forward to the results.

  8. OOOO, they look great so far! :)


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