Sneaky Peeky

Here's a little peek of tomorrow's Something-New.


  1. ...*swoons*sigh*thud!*

    ...*now muttering the word* "love". ;o)

    ...Blessings :o)

  2. Oh, Lil' Jo! You are going to think I am the MOST horrid and/or ridiculous person EVER, but this is TRUE! I love that SOOOOO MUCH (without even being CERTAIN yet what it will BE) and it makes me seriously consider getting another tattoo. That beautiful eye, the way it's positioned on your 'critter' ... well ... okay! Just gonna SAY it! If I thought it wouldn't hurt something TERRIBLE, I'd get that eye put on my cheek! And - uh - we aren't talking about my FACE here! Wouldn't that be COOL???? The only thing IS, I think it would end up looking like a saggy, wrinkled eye on MY old body, so I s'pose I'd better just behave myself, admire YOUR mystery critter, & stop getting overly inspired. LOVE YOU!

  3. Very cool!and possibly squididdialious!!!???

  4. I think I love it already!

  5. Do I count eight leggie-weggies?

  6. i dont speak very well english so i hope that you understand me jaja
    your works are too fantastic!:)their are made in cloth??


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