Today's Table and Robin Hood

Here's a peek at this morning's table. Those three girls are coming along. Their stripy skirts are sewn. One will make her debut tomorrow ( for Something-New Sunday). Also, Dylan's latest science experiment is coming to life. And hungry.

Only one girl will be ready by tomorrow on account of I took part of the day off to accompany Boy Kid to our town's annual Robin Hood Festival. It's kind renaissance-festival-ish, only it really isn't.  There were knights though. Here's one talking on ye olde cell phone.

And there were dragons-

And castles. Kids built them. I love kid art!

This one was the winner, it was in a fish tank-

And there were beautiful white steeds.

And a panda.

And fuzzy monster bags.
Because when I think of Robin Hood,
I think of pandas and fuzzy orange monster bags.

May all your monsters 
be of the soft and cuddly variety.


  1. the knight with a cell phone is a classic!
    eagerly awaiting the arrival of your latest girl on sunday!

  2. How fun ^^ Loved this kind of festival when I was a kid

  3. Yes, indeed! It's like the old song: Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens. Knights on their cellphones, and bright-colored mittens! Pandas and fuzzy or-ange monster bags ... LOL! Love the projects in progress and looking forward to seeing it all completed! HUGS, lil' Jo from silly old Kai!

  4. oh, jo! you made me laugh out loud this morning, lady! HAHAHA...ye olde cell phone and fuzzy...HAHAHA!!!!

  5. ROFL at the Knight on the cell!

  6. How wonderful! I went to a Medieval faire this year with a Robin Hood theme. I adored it. I can't wait for next year.

  7. Had to laugh at your last statement about the pandas and fuzzy orange monster bags! What can I say, progress just keeps getting in the way of all that's old!! LOL

    Up the road from me in Las Cruces, NM, they have a Renaissance fair the first weekend of Nov. It's lots of fun and many of the participants dress in their best cottons and polyesters. One man in particular that I just find quite entertaining, is the who I call the the "Rat Man." He walks around carrying his stash of dead rats, hanging from hooks on a dual wooden cross. Of course they're not real, but he designs and makes them, making them realistic looking.

    Looking forward to your little ladies. Have a great week.


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