Today's Table

Snapshots from today's worktable--

 Our first dog! Funny that I haven't made any dogs before; they're my very favorite animals. My kids think that's a totally boring favorite animal pick, but dogs are amazing and funny and come in so many varieties.

Our Alphabet Project is chugging along now that I'm back amongst the living. A-F are getting their finishing touches today. Then they get handed over to Dylan to get their pictures taken and listed. I'm still deciding if I want to list them as they get finished, or if I can wait until the whole alphabet is done. My decision-making apparatus seems to be on the fritz lately. Took me way too many hours deciding on colors for that little boat up there. Decisions, decisions!

Hope you're all having 
a decidedly nice day.


  1. ...Me too! Actually I love 'em all! ;o)

    ...Enjoy your holiday weekend!

    ...Blessings... :o)

  2. Such an inventive design on the dog-man! Half pirate, half English gentleman, half dalmatian.. or I should speak in thirds, of course.. the fish looks yummie too! And the skirt of Red 'hood is very pleasing. What can I say - well done!

  3. OMG! NOT A DOG!!!!!
    I ADORE DOGS!!!!!!
    Now I'll want to adopt him!
    I can't resist that little face.
    He's SO COOL!

  4. Sooooo many cute new things to look at! And your doggy is just adorable! Very dapper, too in his lovely attire!


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