Today's Table and My Favorite Cup

A-F are well on their way in our new alphabet series. I know that bug girl there looks like the same one that was on the last post's table, but she's not. That one was number 2, she's number 3.

I think all artists have their very favorite tools. I'm no exception. For instance, I always use plain white Corelle plates for palettes and the same chunky mug for my paint-water.
Dylan's mom made the mug. She's a potter (currently making these gorgeous candle pots), and the most wonderful mother-in-law. The mug always reminds me of her. My first taste of making art as a living was doing clay stuff with her. She was so encouraging, and so generous with her time. Many many years ago, well before I decided to major in art, we did a couple of shows together with her making the pots and me doing the surface decoration. Through her I found out I had a knack for sculpture. I really could go on and on about why she's so amazing, but this isn't a Why My Mother-in-law is Super Cool post. 

Is there someone in your life like that? 
Someone whose presence opened doors to previously undreamed-of possibilities?
I am very lucky, I have many.


  1. my aunt was like that....always encouraging and helping! I miss her a lot...
    does the paint wash off the white Corelle easily? I have lots of those plates and never thought about using them for that!

  2. Yes, it washes right off with warm water :)

  3. Many I have many. When I was a young kid my family had to move to the northeast of Mexico leaving all my relatives behind in the heart of the country, so every time we'd go down there to visit for holidays all the cousins would go sketchbook shopping and we spent hours laying down on the cold tiles of the carport sketching drawings every afternoon. We all did it with no exceptions. We all knew how to draw, magically. Uncles and Aunts would always gather in the dining room to play guitars and sing to their favorite tunes.

  4. So whats goin on Jo? I see some major attitude happening on the work table...fighting? like cats and dogs...

  5. I already emailed to say thank you, but I will also thank you here for the wonderful dragonfly paper doll! I LOVE her!!!! Also adore all your new creations! As for your question, I had my Aunt Adeca (means Deer in our language) who was like a mother/mentor to me, and have had some very strong, positive women role models who had such great influence. Thank you for making me think of them this afternoon! LOVE YOU!

  6. Definitely my Mom. She took me to classes at the museum. Art classes, music classes, you name it classes. How she had any time at all for herself with the 3 of us, I have no idea. :) I love the idea of using the Corelle plates. Brilliant! And that little gator is so cute! xo Pam

  7. I had a pottery teacher like that who opened doors for me 25 years ago by the name of Virginia Ross. One of my treasured possessions is a stoneware casserole dish that she made and I still cook in it all the time!

  8. My boyfriends mother is like that, she live out on the property with her husband she raised 4 kids. She was a nurse, she is amazing at pastels, she sews, she makes her own furniture, she creates garden features, she is a silver smith. In general just an amazing woman and whenever I go out to see them on the property she is always interested in whatever art work I have done or anything I have been working on. It really does give you push to strive to better things when people encourage you like that :)
    by the cant wait to see the completed A-Z range :)

  9. Do I spy a fox on this table? I find myself drawn to foxes lately (may be the only way I'll ever be a Foxy Lady.)

    I pray you will be able to breathe with health and gusto very, very soon!

    Thank you so much for the bee-you-ti-full Red Riding Hood paper doll. You really surpassed yourself there. She and wolfie are very special friends of mine now.


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