The latest batch of silliness is all done and added to the shop.
I'm delighted with them all, but must admit that Dylan and I both love O'Henry best (he's the  heart-headed fellow bottom-row-middle). I'm pretty sure I need to make him a little friend. We'll make 9 of each design. Nine seems to be the magic number of times I can make the same design without going into robot-auto-pilot mode. Plus, 9 is a nice number, what with all those 3's.
So 9 it is.


  1. Each on it's own personality, each one adorable! Just beautiful!

  2. You guys never cease to amaze me - gorgeous - I am feeling the love!

    XOXO Jess

  3. I TRIED but can't choose a favorite from this group! They are ALL so Valentiney-darling! And - nine of EACH???? OMG! I do well to make ONE of something. Don't know how you do it! HUGS! Kai

  4. Seiko is my favorite, always love seeing what new things you create.


  5. This blog is realy amazing!!
    I am in love with your dolls!


  6. Oh my gosh!! I'm so in love with your dolls!! I just discovered your work on Etsy last night and now I am a huge fan. I already told my husband I want a doll for my birthday.

  7. Hey there! These pieces are fabulous!! I dropped off the blogging radar for about a year..but I'm back and soooo looking forward to visiting your blog and seeing what you are up do. Yours was and is possibly my favorite blog of all! Your work really inspires me!

    All the best!

    Kate (the artist formerly known as Kathy) LOL!!

  8. Gorgeous all of them. My favorites are the elephant and flamingo.


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