MORE Little Houses for You and Me

Well, the second template was a bit off (the roof was a tiny bit too small), so I fixed it. And I made another extra tall house to share too, for this year's amusement.
Go here for all the directions. 
I'm thinking I want to make itty bitty houses this year. 
I'll take pictures if I do. If you make some, I hope you'll take pictures too.


  1. Those would be fun to make. I need more time though, lol. I love to hit the thrifts and look for vintage christmas things.


  2. Love your little houses , so very cute !

  3. I am utterly smitten!
    Itty bitty houses is exactly what has been on my mind (http://www.chickenblog.com/2010/11/tiny-village.html)
    I am so excited about what you are sharing. Many, many thanks!

  4. So fun to make :) Thank you <3
    Can't wait to make it.

  5. Thank you, Jo! You really ARE a sweet lil' Christmas elf! I love this taller house! It's my fave!

  6. Tres jolie!!!!Merci beaucoup....mais,quelle est l'utilisation de ces maisons,seulement une d├ęcoration?

  7. I must say, I haven't been feeling very festive about the upcoming holidays. Seeing all of your creatures is putting me in the mood! Love them all!!!


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