Doodles, Leaves, and Big Waves

Yay for a designing day!
I'm taking the day to design some new stuff. I was so excited I could hardly wait for morning! I used to have a designing day weekly, but our new way of doing things has me making more and designing less. (Still haven't quite figured out how to find a happy balance within our new system.)
When designing new stuff, I usually start with the old stuff. I go through The Box that holds most of our past templates (Dylan traces these onto fabric to sew and stuff), setting aside ones that tickle my fancy.
I've got my idea book and notepad, my reference materials, my beloved lightbox, tape, scissors, favorite pencil, and some posterboard. Posterboard is my favorite thing to cut templates out of, although I've certainly been known to cut templates out of anything I have lying around. Cereal boxes work great.
Today's list includes owls, deer (deers?), Santas, angels, a little girl pulling a house on wheels, a fairy perched on a crescent moon, another girl with a snow dolly, snow people, a gingerbread girl, and some ornaments. If that sounds like a lot, remember I'm not making finished designs-- just the outlines.
If I can pull myself away from my mad doodles for a little while, I'd love to go take some leaf pictures. The colors here are SO gorgeous and I wanna capture them before the Winter winds come barreling through.
Speaking of pictures and gorgeousness, yesterday was the yearly big-wave-surfing competition on the coast. My dad snapped some great pics! See the little surfer dude, just left of center? My dad's a surfer too, but thankfully he goes for smaller waves. Somehow they always get bigger in the re-telling though. He's a fisherman too, of course.


  1. Hi Jo...
    Glad to see your getting a day to design and doodle.... I can hardly wait to see what you have in store for us in the future!

    I love the beaches of Oregon (much nicer than Washington's!)

    Take Care ~

  2. A designing day sounds like a good idea! I love your Dad's photo-amazing and scary!


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