Done, Started, and Little Things

All these sweet-faced celestial objects are well on their way across the ocean, but they looked so cute all snuggled together that I couldn't help but snap a picture.
I often get asked what the trick is to making the faces look so similar, if I use a stamp or a stencil or something to make them. The answer is no. I just draw them by hand and then paint them. Wanna know the real trick? Step one-- make a thousand of them. OK, so there's only that one step.

I'm excited today to be working on a bunch of new designs, some of which are decidedly Christmassy. Wheeee!  I had the hardest time deciding on the colors for Santa. In the end I went with good old-fashioned red. So now I want to make a dozen more Santas so I can play with a dozen more colors!
Speaking of Santas. . .I got the most delightful batch of Little Things in the mail yesterday! I'm sort of obsessing over little spotted deer right now and I found some super-inexpensive ones (the only kind I buy) on Etsy, and they came with teeny tiny Santas. Bonus!
They are the cutest little fat men!
Several of them were meant to be necklaces so they couldn't stand on their own, but I wanted them too so I gave them a little help.
I covered the top of little paper mache boxes with a layer of tacky glue and paper clay (I got the snow/grass texture by pouncing it with an old toothbrush) and stuck thier tiny feet in it while it was still wet and let them dry. It worked! Then I just painted the tops of the boxes. I think they turned out mighty fine. 

We're hoping to have the new stuff up by Monday.
Hope you're all
having a colorful day.


  1. I used to do painted ornaments, thinking about trying some again. I like doing frakturs, so might try that style in mini ones for my prim trees. Love your christmas finds. I love hitting the thrifts, this time of year. One time I found a flat, plastic nativity set, love it.


  2. love the moons and stars! and can't wait to see the rest! especially the owls! huggs!

  3. When I grow up, I want to be as hard of a worker as you are. Amazing!

  4. They all look great!!

  5. cute ! XD I can't wait for X'mas !!


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