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We're back from our long weekend with College Girl. It was really nice. What a great school! We did more in 3 days than we've done in months. Highlights included lots of music, coffehouse goodness, pumpkin pancakes, thrift and antique shopping, Autumn leaves galore, and an improv troop. Fun, fun, fun!
Now it's back to work  play with cloth and paint and clay.
Today's table isn't too terribly full. I've got to finish two pieces-- a Julie Butterfly and a rather odd commisioned piece. I've never made a pig before.
Here's the (blurry) start of him.
We had a few pigs when I was a kid (real ones), so the shape of them isn't too foreign. Piggy nose, piggy ears, chubby cheeks. . . he's turning out pretty darn sweet (if I do say so myself).

Also looking around cyberspace for some Halloweeny food recipes today trying to put Sunday's menu together. We're having a couple of friends over and handing out candy to trick-or-treaters. I have absolutely no idea how much candy to get. We've never lived somewhere that gets trick-or-treaters before. Still have to make a costume for the boy kid (who still hasn't decided what he wants to be) and carve a Jack-O-Lantern or two.
Only 5 more days til the big night!
What are you doing for Halloween?


  1. We're lying low for the actual day of all Hallow's Eve and will be doing our celebrating on Friday. Piggy is looking pretty adorable!

  2. For Halloween I am cleaning house, doing laundry, and creating things! Exciting, huh? And I think your piggy looks a LOT like ... me. It's WAY cuter, tho'! BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Glad you got to visit your daughter! By the way, we never get trick or treaters either!

  3. glad you had fun in wally world! they do have some great music venues at night, in the warmer months it's all outdoors, downtown is alive with music and wine. I probably won't be down until Christmas but someday might just run into your gorgeous daughter!!

  4. Thanks for making the Julie for me! I can't wait til she gets here :0)



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