Speaking of winners. . .

Lookie what I won!
From the fabulous Heidi Kenney at My Paper Crane.
It's full of gorgeous silliness!
I'm a lucky duck.

And speaking of silliness, I got to spend the better part of today making my sweetest little faux-niece into Ancient Egyptian royalty for Halloween candy-getting. We scoured the fabric store for all things gold and sparkley (those Egyptians liked their bling) and spent the morning happily glueing and sewing and singing Walk Like an Egyptian. Unfortunately, I didn't snap pictures before she went home, so I'll get some on the big day.

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  1. Oh! What a fun book! Congratulations, Lil' Jo! I'm GLAD you won that! Also, please DO take photos of your niece in her Egyptian finery! Can't wait to see! HUGS! And, HI DYLAN!


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