It's October so. . .

. . .we busted out the Halloween decorations today!
Old friends joined pieces we have left from the last show. The big ole sugar skull is actually a leftover from the eldest kid's 16th birthday party (we did a Dia de los Muertos theme). This is the first house we have had with an actual mantle.
It's in a weird place, and the fireplace doesn't really work,
but still  yay  for having a mantle!
And our TV stand (that I painted all pretty when we moved even though we ditched the TV so it became a record-player stand but then that broke) is happy to be of use.
I think it still needs a little something though.
I'm thinking a simple paper BOO banner would do the trick, like so-
I'll wait til the last minute to buy trick-or-treater candy though,
otherwise it'd be gone well before the big night.


  1. ...An eternal optimist - I like that! :o)

    ...Lovin' the "BOO" banner 'cept I think that you could make one even more um, realistic? lol... But I get the general idea. :o)

    ...Great decor!

    ...Season's Screamings! Oh, and blessings too... :o)

  2. Love your decorations, and they look great on your new mantle and cart.


  3. Happy October! Hope you enjoy every last second of it.

    I'm beginning to feel a bit pumpkiny myself.

  4. Now THAT says HALLOWEEN! The shelf just makes everything pop & look EXTRA special! (As if it weren't already special enough!) So much fun looking at each piece!

  5. Wow! I love it!
    I adore white and black anyway and the orange and green for Halloween just makes it POP!
    I love your banner idea!
    SO festive! I need to get my Halloween things out!

  6. This is such a fabulous display!


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