Field Trip

Today was too sunshiney and crisp to spend inside, and we needed a pumpkin on account of it's already almost halfway through October, so Dylan and I headed to a pumpkin patch just a couple miles from The Cart.
So many pumpkins!
This one looked like a swan. A weird warty swan.
And there was a goat.
And lots of pretty girly stuff.
And giant metal roosters.
And other silly stuff.


  1. Lucky! Lucky! I'm doing that this weekend, but it'll be about 90 here!

  2. love the "swan pumpkin"! looks like a fun place! gotta love pumpkins!

  3. Your local pumpkin patch kicks mine to the curb! Great photos. I'm feeling real fallish now. I'm wanting one of those roosters. Did you pick up one for yourself?

  4. I love those green pumpkins and those roosters! Good for you getting out and enjoying the sunshine!

  5. jo i gotta know which pumpkin patch you went to!!! we usually go to baggenstos farm store on roy rogers rd, but this one looks soooooo much more awesome!!! we're in need of a couple of big pumpkins for decorating...got a couple of small ones during my son's school field trip last week at lee farms in tualatin...but i would love to visit the one y'all went to 'cause it looks sooooo fantastic!!


  6. What a fun and cool place!! wish we lived near there. Loved the succulents!


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