Weather Report

It's looking kinda cloudy here.
Sad clouds, happy clouds, wistfully drifting clouds. . .
I think this little lavender-eyed stormcloud is my favorite this time around.
You can find them here.
. . . . .
And speaking of clouds,
 have you all seen Dylan's Weather Report (circa 1979)?
So cute!


  1. Awwwwww, it all just so cute. I'm hoping for some raining all day today. I'm also hoping for sun shiny all day today, too. I'm also hoping for a batmobile.

  2. hahaha That is SO cute :) Nice to look back at.
    I love your little clouds too :)

  3. I never thought I'd fall in love with clouds, but you made it happen! They're adorable! And speaking of adorable, the video of Dylan is EXACTLY that! Dylan you were a performer from Day One! LOVE IT! NOTE: I wish the 'real' weather folks would be as honest as Dylan. Sunny AND rainy! Kinda half & half! LOL!

  4. See, your clouds are SWEET and whimsical and all. Much nicer than the ones currently looming overhead. The ones above have scrunched up angry winter eyes and are currently threatening to huff and puff and blow the house down (they're in cahoots with the wind).

  5. Anonymous8/25/2010

    I have just stumbled across your work... It's amazing! and beautiful!... the best kind! Well done guys, I look forward to seeing more adventures and creations! I have put your link on my blog.

  6. The most priceless recording ever.
    My day just got even better.

  7. This has TOTALLY made my day. What a great kid! And now what a great grownup.

  8. Seriously, how precious is it to hear a childish voice from the past:)


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