Thursday's Table

Busted out the Paperclay this morning.
I wonder who I'm making? (*hint* hint*)
I'm having way too much fun sculpting her hair (the funnest part).
A bunch more new creations are impatiently waiting for paint,
tapping their little unpainted feet (the ones that have feet anyways).
They're sharing this morning's table with some of yesterday's Ikea finds. Dylan took us girls (me, the eldest, and my adorable sis-in-law) galavanting! He was so patient too as we ooohed and ahhhed our way through acres of Swedish design. I got some shelf brackets so we could build some wall shelves in the new studio, some drinking glasses to replace casualties of the move, some pretty little tins just cuz I couldn't resist their organizational possiblities, and some gorgeous fabric to recover a chair. We also got some yummy cinnamon buns, but there's nothing left of them to take pictures of.

I'm trying not to melt in this uncharacteristically Oregon heat while listening to The Vanishing Act of Esme Lennox by Maggie O'Farell today while I paint. Maybe I should listen to some Jack London instead, the Yukon sounds pretty appealing right now.


  1. You know, they DO have an impatient air about them!


  2. I wonder... could that be Alice?
    Send some heat our way, we are in the Yukon of Southern California!

  3. Love sculpted hair!!! Beautiful job, Joee. I did a post on Maida about sculpted hair -


  4. I'm seeing Alice too! Of course she has been on my mind lately. :)

  5. Chuckling here as I was wondering how you were going to incorporate those glasses in with that beautifully sculpted head! And we all know you could...and do it brilliantly!

  6. Anonymous7/09/2010

    the head, the head, I wanna see the head! looks awful sweet...
    I love Ikea too! :)PJ


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