Princess Crowns

We wanted to make something princessy (they are kinda obssessed) and packable for the girls' visit. They love playing dress-up, so we made crowns fit for princesses.
Dylan used the crown from a fast food place as a template. Then sewed, stuffed, and quilted.
I painted them light gray then stained them with purple (instead of my usual brown).
Added some buttons and a pretty initial in the middle. . .
They were a big hit with the nieces. The most fun was had by putting them on Uncle Dylan, magically causing him to run screaming through the house.


  1. Sigh. I want to be your niece, too. GREAT CROWNS! Great NIECES! The BEST Aunty and Uncle!

  2. You just gave them a wonderful childhood memory, Jo. They will treasure that and the crowns forever. That is the best gift.

  3. Cool! Hey you could do a whole range of those, with fake jewelry and textile shoes..

  4. OH, wow! What a cool idea. You guys hack fast food design in the best way. ;-)

  5. What a wonderful pair you are, to have such an aunt and uncle as yourselves must be wonderful, especially if you can do magic...

    Have a lovely time together.

  6. I agree!
    What a Wonderful Memory!

  7. So much thought and effort put into these wonderful childhood heirlooms...will not be wasted. I'm sure the girls will remember your lovely gifts forever.

  8. Beautiful crowns. I loved dressing up when I was small and still do now! I wanted to let you know that I'm hosting a blog giveaway to celebrate my blog's first birthday. It's a way to say thank you to the people who have followed my blog and/or been inspirational. It would be lovely if you wanted to enter as I have found your blog an inspirational place to visit over the past year. I'm going to be giving away a piece or two of silver and genstone jewellery designed and made by me. Sending smiles, Em x


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