In the Works

Today I'm working a whole lot of stuff, including  finishing a couple of Halloweeny pieces for next weekend's EHAG Emporium. It's so much fun to be playing with Hallowen again! Since we've moved to an actual neighborhood now, I'm already excited about the prospect of trick-or-treaters this October. We've never gotten any at any of our past places. Another thing I'm excited about is that Dylan scored a little window unit AC on Craig's list and is off picking it up right now. My hero! Even though we only moved an hour and a half away from our last digs, it's at least 30 degrees hotter here (I'm not exagerating) and we're all melting.


  1. Yea for a/c! I'd melt without it! And another BIG old yea for thinking of Halloween! I dread August & September here - our most likely months for - shudder - hurricanes - but thinking ahead to the holiday months DOES help, huh? I do believe I see a cute lil' Punky (pumpkin) boy in the making! Can't wait to see all the finished goodies! Stay cool! HUGS, lil' Jo!

  2. I love the little chesire cat face! I can't wait until whatever it is, is finished.

  3. I see a cat in the making;)
    We are supposedly on our last day of humidity, so will enjoy the cool air until the next heat wave.


  4. We've never had the 'trick or treaters' either. Always lived off the beaten tracks! I, too, am painting and cutting all things Halloweenie! I don't know how anyone lives without air conditioning...but then again, I live in Florida!!

  5. I love your works...


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