Good Words

With my eldest approaching adulthood, my godfather offered her these words of advice. I liked them so much I had to make them pretty enough to color and hang on the wall. You'd think that as long as I've been a grown-up (forever, according to my kids) I wouldn't need reminding, but I do. Anyway, he let me share them with you. Thanks Goddaddy-O!

Click, and it should get big enough to print and color.
Do grown-ups color?


  1. I love it...thank you! And YES, I love to color! ♥

  2. Thanks Jo! THIS adult likes to colour..........I've printed off these wise words and guess what I'll be doing today instead of what I SHOULD be doing!

  3. Yes, Grown ups color! It has always been my favorite thing to do!!

    Very wise and humble words!


  4. This. is. outstanding.

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  6. WOw!!! Such wise words, I love this man, this Godfather of yours who shares his wisdom.

    I shall print this off and hang it in my kitchen today, for ALL to read.

    Thses words should be seen and heard the world over...AMAZING.

    Would you mind if I put it up on my blog??...

    ~ Julie

  7. Inspiring words to remember. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Yep! WISE words to live by! I will be printing this one out for MYSELF! Thanks, lil' Jo!

  9. Oh golly yes, adults here in Candyland colour every chance that pops up. Those are great words and I wish them for everyone who needs them.


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