Something-New Sunday

So we were trying to get  a picture like this one
(showing off the latest necklaces in their natural environment). . . 

. . .but getting our teenager to do her best impression of a mannequin presented some obstacles.

Anyway, here are the latest girls-
Or you can see them here on Etsy.


  1. Not fair! How am I s'posed to admire all those darling necklaces when I am busy admiring your adorable daughter? She's a doll HERSELF, lil' Jo!

  2. Great idea--hey, and didn't they do a movie about a mannequin coming to life? Perhaps she could do the follow-up movie. She seems rather animated for a plastic doll. hee hee

  3. I am over the moon with these darlings!

  4. Your daughter is stunning.

    All redheads are perfect in my book....two daughters and a grandson... PERFECT, mannequin's they are not, but beautiful they are.


    ...Love your new cuties.

  5. Adorable.. as soon as I sell one of my new batch of silkscreen prints I am going to get myself an Alice necklace..

  6. These are so cool. what a great idea.

  7. You’re mentioned on my blog today http://autumnforestghosthunter.blogspot.com

  8. The teenage years were invented for the sole purpose of chatting on the phone in between parental/sibling torture. Non? It’s not like you were ever going to pull off reinventing the wheel for the sake of five of the sweetest hanging about necklaces...

  9. Love your necklaces, dolls, blog and everything you do. I also make dolls, I invite you to visit my blog. Thank you!


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