Prettiness and Goofosity

Lookie what just came to live on The Cart-
It's a red fawn! Isn't she just gorgeous? I love her!
All made from bits of metal with impeccable attention to detail by Barbara Ibost. She really needs to get a website or blog together so I can link to her fabulousness, but in the meantime if you wanna see more of her work you can e-mail her (barbiobst@comcast.net) and ask to see more pictures.
Having art come in to the house is a novelty around here;
usually it's just going out.

(Speaking of going out, the rental house hunt continues. Arrgh.)

Today's agenda includes painting, sculpting tiny pocket watches and knee-high boots out of paperclay, carving tiny bunny paws out of wood, slopping stain all over everything in sight, and sewing a stripey skirt for an angel.
I must say, not a bad way to spend the day. 
So come and play, get carried away!
(I am a goof. There is the proof.)


  1. IF you are a 'goof', you are a marvelous, talented goof & I just love you to pieces! And that deer is beautiful! Oh, how I DO love RED! Makes the piece even prettier! Now, lil' Jo Goof, go make more teeny-tiny delights to enthrall us all with! HUGS!

  2. Gracious but that's just gorgeous!

  3. Oh! I love art made out of bits and pieces of rescued items, like metal etc. very cool...MAKE her do a blog! LOL! I'd love to see more!
    and as far as your search goes...I found something! It's 3 blocks from me! The family (in this economy) wasn't able to sell it so now they are doing a rent to own!
    the driveway goes back behind the other houses and it's very private! There's a deck off of the master bedroom that looks over a wooded area and it's selling around 100,000.00! SO pack your bags and move to the Midwest!!!
    Then you can go for walks with me and Blue! LOL!


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