Good morning!

This is a bit of the most important wall in our kitchen. It holds favorite kid drawings, the bulletin board (which is unusually empty today) for those all-important notices, the school calendar, the regular calendar, and the hub of daily activities-- the dry erase board. That's where the really important things like doodles and grocery lists usually hang out. Whenever the kids notice that we're out of something essential to their survival they write it on the board and it magically gets bought (by elves they presume) while they're at school.
This morning's list made me giggle, so of course I had to share-
For those who may not be able to read my kids' unique handwriting, this is what it says:
-Butter (for toast)
-Tea (for buttered toast)
-and bagels (glorified toast)

My family cracks me up.


  1. BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Yes, they are DEFINITELY yours & Dylan's offspring! Fun & clever!

  2. it's the little things that we remember and that make us smile.

  3. My son is dyslexic, we have to decipher everything, 'Unique' doesn't come in to it, from another planet........maybe, but we love him for it and wouldn't have him any other way. My daughter is dyslexic too... that's a whole differnt story..

    Don't we have great children.. 'just perfect'.

    ...It's just occured to me that I might be able to get a job deciphering codes... MI5 here I come... a new career... it can't be any more difficult than working out what David has written sometimes... take care and have a good day ~ Julie

  4. Yep. Cracking up all the way from over here.


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