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This little moon is late for her debut; instead of finishing her, last night was spent in the ER with my youngest and his broken wrist. Poor little monkey. (OK, so he's several inches taller than me. He's still my baby.) The doctor said that he calls skateboards "job security".  We heard him tell the same joke to the kid in the next curtain-room who had also broken his arm at the same skatepark. The other kid's arm was broken way worse, no small comfort. So he's patched up for now (apparently they don't do casts in the ER anymore, so we'll have to go to a regular doctor tomorrow) and quickly running through all his sympathy treats. Anyway, instead of working, we were cuddled up on the couch watching a zombie movie. (He's a teenage boy, I'll take my cuddles where I can, even if zombies are involved.)


  1. Awwww! Love the moons and sorry for the broken bone! I had one "accident prone" little one who scratched his itchy arm while it was in the cast with a Bic pen and of course, the top came off and they had to cut the cast off and put on a new one. He discovered that a flyswatter handle made a better "scratcher". He's a doctor himself today and actually does surgery on bones and puts on casts himself. He gets embarrassed when I remind him--lol.

    Cheery wave from

  2. As an ex-skateboarder, I an appreciate the battle wounds. Yeah, a zombie movie should hit the spot. There's worse things that a broken bone, like being munched alive by the undead. Happy healing.

  3. Sorry about your little skateboarder! At least you get that cuddle time out of it and the moon can wait! Take care!

  4. Aw! Hope he's not in too much pain.

  5. Wishing him a speedy recovery -- for the sake of both of you.

  6. The moon will ALWAYS be there, but cuddles... you have to savor those while you can when they come from teens! (I had an accident-waiting-to-happen DAUGHTER! I was so 'lucky' that 5 of her 6 most bizarre accidents happened at school. If they'd happened at HOME, I think the doctor would have been suspicious of her story and wondered if she were being abused. LOL!) Take care of your sweety & sneak in a lil' hug from 'Aunty Kai'.

  7. Love moon art and yours are wonderfully done.
    It is weird how hospitals are now, I hate going to them. We had our own accident today, my husband forgot to put his saw shield down and cut his finger. Luckily we have a walk in, down the road and they were able to stitch him up. We were lucky, neither of our kids ever broke anything, but they had their fair of scary accidents.



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