Get Ready, Get Set. . .

Almost ready to get stuff ready for paint (still waiting for a few pieces to migrate over from Dylan's table), today's table is well-labeled.
I like organization. It makes me more productive and less stressed out. My brain likes to zip around in a hundred directions at once, so I put plenty of time into prep work and the little tricks that allow me to stay focused on the task at hand. Saves me lots of time and wasted energy in the long run.

How about you?
Contained creativity or creative chaos?


  1. Creatively contained chaos, lol. I'm hoping once we move & have a little more space it will all be more organized. I think a lot more art would get accomplished this way. The necklaces are going to be adorable!

  2. I'm a bit more on the 'organized chaos' side! I agree with Summer...those necklaces are going to be fantastic!

  3. What about whirling dervish chaos? The kind where you put your pencil down and then two seconds later it has completely disappeared? I aspire to be more like you, but it might just be too late. LOL! Love seeing the new work - :) Pam

  4. My intention is contained creativity until total chaos takes over... hehe!

  5. Mine is utter creative chaos! lol Although I know where everything is and goes!
    take care

  6. I'm a VERY typical Virgo so I'm organized to the point of driving other people insane, I'm afraid. Guess that makes me a control freak, but I'M the only one I try to control so I s'pose that's okay! I love seeing those lil' necklace people-to-come all laid out! You still haven't said what you are charging. HUGS!

  7. I always begin in an organized manner because that's how i like it, but then everything quickly goes awry :)!
    Can't wait to see all of these WIPs completed!
    Happy creating!!!

  8. I try to be organized...I REALLY do! But no one believes me because everything is such a mess!
    Those little necklaces are looking SO cool, I just want to reach out a pick up the tiny little body!

  9. OH, WOW! It all looks so exciting! I like the IDEA of everything being neat and organized, but it just doesn't happen in reality! At. All! LOL!

  10. I admit, I need to be organized and clutter free to create or I will sit there thinking I should get up and clean;)


  11. Prawdziwa produkcja!I jak zorganizowana:)


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